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How to Tell if You Need to Sweep Your Chimney

The feeling of heat and coziness that comes from sitting around a fireplace in the winter is unparalleled. As you think about this, you might wonder, when was the last time you swept and inspected your chimney? Maintaining your chimney regularly will help you get the most out of your fireplace, as well as ensure its safe operation.
If you don’t sweep your chimney, what will happen?
You put yourself at risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning if you fail to get routine chimney inspections and sweepings. By blocking fumes from escaping, soot, creosote, and tar can ignite a fire.

1. Your fireplace’s walls are spotted with oil
Your fireplace’s black, oily spots are made up of a substance similar to tar called creosote. Depending on how much substance builds up in your chimney, you might have restricted airflow. Smoke and flue gasses remain in the flue for longer periods of time when the airflow is poor, accelerating buildup.
2. Fires that burn poorly
You might not be able to start fires in your fireplace because the chimney is clogged or the damper is malfunctioning. A fire can’t burn properly if it lacks the oxygen it needs.
3. The smell of a fireplace
Creosote emits an odor similar to that of a campfire and can penetrate your home. The smell is not only unpleasant, it also indicates that soot has accumulated to a dangerous level in your chimney.
4. The Chimney and Animals
In addition to blocking airflow in your chimney, animal nests can catch fire when burning wood in your fireplace. The nests most often found on your chimney cover the vents at the very top. Chimneys are also a popular nesting spot for squirrels.
5. Fires Don’t Cause Smoke to Rise Up the Chimney
Smoke may not be rising up your chimney as it once did if you notice this. In a chimney, air should flow up, but creosote can prevent this from happening.
6. Maintaining fires is difficult
In order for your wood to burn, it needs oxygen, but a dirty chimney can make it harder for it to do so.
7. A chimney is spewing smoke
A buildup of creosote on your wood could be a sign that your chimney needs to be cleaned if you see chunks of soot falling from the chimney.
8. There is black creosote buildup on the chimney damper
If your hand turns black when opening the damper, it is time to have your chimney swept.
Identifying these signs is fairly simple, but protecting your house against fire damage is the next step.
Your chimney should be cleaned and inspected every year, not just in the spring!

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How to Prepare Your Home For a Chimney Service

Before a Chimney king arrives at your home, you may want to prepare the area around the chimney for the inspection. Furniture should be moved away from the fireplace vent.

Rugs and tapestries should be placed elsewhere. In addition, cover any carpeting or rugs with plastic to protect them from being swept away. It is also a good idea to cover any flammable materials in the house, like candles or rugs.

If you’re hiring a chimney company to clean your home, make sure they’re certified to clean chimneys. This is because the lining can be weakened or flaky.

Small flaws could give way to hot embers or carbon monoxide, or cause water to penetrate the structure and damage it. The best way to ensure a quality inspection is to hire a company with a CSIA credential. A CSIA certification will help protect your home against accidents.

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The National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America are excellent resources for chimney safety. Both organizations contribute to the development of standards and advice related to chimney safety.

However, these organizations disagree about the frequency of chimney sweeping. According to the CSIA, open masonry fireplaces should be swept when a one-eighth inch of soot has accumulated, or even earlier if there is a glaze within the chimney system. Regardless of the level of creosote, it is advisable to regularly clean your chimney. If your in need of a chimney sweep contact chimney kings today!

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Chimney King – Chimney Cleaning

If you want to clean your chimney but don’t have the time or the skills to do it yourself, there are some things you can do to make the process a little easier. Hiring a professional chimney cleaning service is a good idea if you have a fire pit or wood stove in your house.

Chimney King will be able to handle all the details of chimney cleaning while giving you peace of mind. Whether you are looking for a professional or just a good cleaning job, hiring an expert is always a smart decision.

Chimney cleaning should be done by a professional at least once a year. During the summer, animals may take refuge in chimneys.

Creosote can build up in your fireplace every time you use it. A creosote layer that is about 1/8 inch thick should be cleaned out with a creosote sweeping log.

If you have a chimney, it is important to clean it regularly. Unless it has become damaged, it can lead to costly damages. Soot can accumulate around the flue and can ruin your home’s furnishings.

The black film may also stain the chimney and hearth. Using a professional chimney cleaning service can prevent these problems and keep your home looking great. Chimney King is a certified professional chimney cleaning service.

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Keep Your Chimney in Good Condition and Save Money on Your Energy Costs

If you have a Chimney in your home, no matter if it is a small one or a large one, it needs to be serviced regularly. If you are serviced on a monthly basis, this can save you money and keep your house in good shape. You can use the professionals at Chimney King that specialize in Chimney cleaning and repairs. Many of our services include many specialized services to protect and extend the life of your chimney and/or fireplace.
Most people own small, wood-burning fireplaces to heat their homes with them. Wood is flammable, so when you have a chimney fire, you also have to have your home’s furnaces and air conditioning systems serviced to ensure that everything is running properly. We have the skills and resources available to service both electric heating and air conditioning systems.
Whether your home has a wood stove or an electric furnace, you need to have your furnace serviced, checked, and inspected by a licensed Chimney King on a regular basis. The cost of a Chimney inspection and repair varies depending on the size of your system and the amount of work that needs to be done. Call our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable team today to find out what we can do for you.

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Chimney Repair And Cleaning – Safety First

Chimney repair and chimney cleaning is important when it comes to your home’s integrity and safety. Long Island chimney owners are always at risk for a chimney fire. Since there are so many factors that contribute to chimney fires, it is very important to have a chimney repair company that will perform the necessary chimney cleaning and repairs as needed.
Chimney caps are also available from reputable chimney cleaning and repair companies and are designed to protect people and pets from a chimney fire. Chimney caps are made of iron and other strong metals and are oftentimes decorative and colorful. They are made to fit on top of the chimney flue, protect it, and extend the life of the chimney.
You can call one of our professionals at chimney king today to learn more about chimney cleaning and repairs. No one wants to spend a lot of time worrying about their chimney fires, so it is important to have a chimney services company’s come out and inspect and service your chimney on a yearly basis. Not only will this keep your house safer, but it may also prevent damage to your home and personal property.

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Chimney Repair – Protecting Your Home From a Fire Damage

Homeowners can’t stand to have one damaged or broken and it is frustrating when this happens. When a chimney begins to crack or the flame of the fire if it is small and starts to fade out, you know your fireplace is in trouble. Having a chimney king come out and give you an estimate for fixing the chimney up will save you money and make sure your chimney is fixed so it will work when it should.
When a chimney begins to smoke and looks like it is on fire the best thing you can do is call us to come out and inspect the situation and make sure they have the right equipment on hand to fix your chimney. “We’re experienced specialist chimney repair contractors that offer comprehensive chimney inspection and repair services to residential and commercial clients in Nassau County, Long Island, and Brooklyn, New York, and the nearby regions. Long Island is home to many residents with wood-burning chimneys who are very concerned about the safety of their chimneys. Most chimney fires start because a draft is created when you go to sleep at night. The flue close to the fire source gets drafty because it is not sealed properly, this causes the hot gases that result in a chimney fire to fill up near the flue and cause it to get very hot and burn real fast.

Getting the Most From Your Chimney Company

A chimney cleaning company is necessary for keeping your chimney in top shape. This maintenance is needed every two years to make sure your chimney is running smoothly and efficiently. There are many companies that offer chimney inspections and cleanings but chimney king is known for a quick and efficient cleaning and repairs that will have your chimney looking brand new.

The question is: how much does it cost to get a chimney cleaned and repaired? That will depend on the size of the fireplace and how many chimneys there are in your home. However, there are many other considerations you must make when hiring a chimney sweeping and repairs company. These are things like: what’s the current condition of the chimney, how often is it cleaned if it’s damaged, how long has it been damaged