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Protect Your Chimney With Our Chimney Caps Maintenance Services


Our Chimney Cap Replacement /Installation

Chimney caps are the first line of defense against animals and rain. A chimney flue cap is installed at the top of your chimney to keep rain, debris, and animals out.


Our chimney flue cap installation or replacement is a simple and inexpensive service that can prevent several problems with your system and feasibly save thousands of dollars in future chimney repair costs.


Chimney King Enterprises Inc. is a leading choice for chimney cap replacement and repairs due to our knowledge, experience, and low prices. Our CSIA and FIRE-certified chimney cap technician near me recommend the chimney flue cap suitable for your fireplace unit and install it properly on your flue.


We repair an existing chimney cap, facilitate cleaning and inspection services, and remove any birds, bees, or other animals inside the chimney. Our technicians can assist you with your fireplace & chimney issues. With our chimney cap installation, repair, and maintenance services, you can save money on utility bills while enjoying the warmth of the fireplace.


Why It Might Be Time For A New Chimney Cap?

A chimney cap can be damaged due to various reasons. A regular inspection by our specialist will guarantee that your fireplace is in good working order.


Following are some reasons indicating that it is time to repair or replace your chimney cap:

  • During a storm or high winds, your chimney cap has blown off or become loose.
  • Screens have holes or are separated from the cap, allowing birds and animals to enter.
  • Creosote has accumulated on the screens.
  • A chimney fire has damaged your chimney cap.
  • Water leakage in your chimney.
  • Debris has entered the flue and clogged it.


What We Can Do For Your Chimney?

Get your chimney professionally cleaned by our chimney cap experts near me from Chimney King Enterprises Inc. Our professionals will remove creosote using the proper tools and techniques. Before cleaning the chimney, our professionals perform a thorough inspection. We look for potential repairs before they worsen and become a bigger problem.


Why Choose Us?

Chimney King Enterprises Inc. is a prominent chimney cap replacement company having a wide range of styles and sizes of protective chimney caps, also known as chimney rain caps


We provide chimney cap installation, replacement, & repair services for all chimney rain caps at very reasonable prices. Below are some more reasons to trust us:

1) Honest Service

We are a family-owned and operated business. We are proud of our reputation for providing fair and honest service at all times.

2) Certification & Experience

We are CSIA-certified specialists & use cutting-edge tools and technology.

3) Transparent Communication

Our entire chimney caps team near me has strong communication skills. We're well-known for being attentive and friendly to our customers.


Chimney King Enterprises Inc. takes the worry and stresses out of the process, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of owning a fireplace. Please contact us immediately to learn more about our chimney cleaning services in New York.


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