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A chimney flue liner protects your chimney. When your chimney flue begins to deteriorate, it poses a safety hazard. A chimney liner will prevent the breakdown of your chimney flue and ensure the safe operation of your fireplace.


Our chimney liner repair technicians are highly-trained and experienced. We are eager to make your chimney safer and more efficient. Our chimney liners specialist is highly trained in chimney liner replacement and repair.


Chimney King Enterprises Inc. is an excellent choice for chimney liner installation in New York. Our knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate team performs fireplace and chimney flue repair daily. We are committed to making the fireplace installation process as consistent, smooth, and efficient as possible.


Choose Chimney King Enterprises Inc for your next chimney flue repair and installation project and experience the difference. Our guarantees make your investment in chimney liners worthwhile.


Why It Is Important To Take Care Of Your Chimney Liner?

The fireplace is a beautiful addition to the home. Wood-burning fireplace accumulates creosote, a flammable substance, and gas fireplace emits carbon monoxide if not properly vented. You may not realize it, but your fireplace is complicated. Every component must work together to provide a safe, comfortable warm environment.


When one of the components fails or gets damaged, it impacts the entire system, including your flue liner. Your chimney won’t function properly if the liner is damaged.


During an inspection, our chimney technicians will identify any chimney liner damage and suggest the most suitable way to repair it quickly and affordably. We recommend solutions with the sole purpose of ensuring your family's safety

Dangers Of Damaged Chimney Liner

  1. We've seen everything that could go wrong with fireplace liners in our entire service period. Below are some of the damages caused by broken chimney liners.1) Safety Risk: Chimney masonry is prone to overheating and catching fire without a proper flue liner.2) Structural Damage: Water can seep through cracks in the chimney flue liner, damaging the masonry and causing the chimney to collapse.3) Soot Accumulation: By-products accumulate on rough masonry surfaces.

    4) Degradation: Bricks and mortar erode like stainless steel chimney liners.

    5) Instability: Chimneys without liners or with damaged liners are at high risk of collapse.

    6) Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Clogged or cracked chimneys may allow dangerous carbon monoxide to enter the home.


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1) Solid Reputation

We have an outstanding reputation with our customers. We have formed close relationships with our vendors to ensure timely delivery.

2) Valuable Experience

With years of experience, our chimney liner installation company, Chimney King Enterprises INC, has been honest and reliable.

3) Assured Guarantee

We strive to exceed your expectations & provide value as it motivates us.

4) Honest Communication

Chimney King Enterprises INC provides transparent communication to our clients at our leading chimney liner installation company.

Failure to keep up with chimney liner maintenance can have disastrous consequences. Don't let your property’s value or your family's health suffer because of your ignorance. Speak with one of our chimney flue liner servicing representatives in New York.


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