Protect your home from fire and structural damage

Avoid damage to your home or property by keeping your chimney in great shape. You can rely on Chimney King Enterprises Inc. for top-notch chimney repair services to keep you and your property safe and sound. You can count on our cleaning and repair specialists! We have been in the business since 1982.

Address minor chimney issues before they grow

• Repairs, repointing and rebuilding
• Cap installation, repair and replacement
• Damper installation, repair and replacement
• Stainless steel liner installation
• Animal or nest removal
• Draft problems corrected
• Chimney removal if you want direct vents
• Masonry specialist on building and repair
• Chimney repairs, rebuilding and relining

Do you have unwelcome guests in your chimney? Give us a call!

Birds, squirrels, bats and other animals are particularly fond of settling in chimneys and can cause damage to both your chimney and themselves. Trust Chimney King Enterprises Inc. to safely and humanely remove the animals and their nests from your chimney.

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