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 Keep Your Home Safe With Chimney Dampers Installation

The damper is the metal plate placed above the firebox and controls the flue's opening and closing. However, if the caps and dampers are broken, rusted, stuck, or provide a poor seal, it can be difficult to keep your home comfortable. To solve the problem, we have to repair the flue damper.

Chimney King Enterprises Inc. can install a flue damper in your chimney, and you can watch your utility bills drop! We begin our work by cleaning the damper by removing debris and creosote. Our chimney dampers replacement technician uses materials to ensure that your chimney works properly.


Different Dampers We Can Provide You With

Our experts at Chimney King Enterprises INC can assist you with the installation, repair, and maintenance issues in chimney caps and dampers at your home or business for our customers in Suffolk County, NY.

Here's a little more about each type of damper and what makes them so great:

1) Lyemance Damper

The Lyemance Damper is installed with silicone cement. It has a low-profile design. A lifetime warranty backs this energy-saving product.

2) Lock-Top Damper

This damper is attached to the chimney flue using a silicone rubber gasket. It has a drop-down cable that makes opening and closing the damper simple.


We clean the damper plate, its frame, and the rod. We inspect for corrosion. We replace the damper plate once everything has been cleaned.


What We Can Do For Your Chimney?

Chimney cleaning and maintenance is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project, as the nuances of this project are critical. For instance, if your chimney damper is broken or damaged, you should get it repaired or replaced immediately.


If your fireplace does not have a damper, we will install one. We ensure chimney damper installation is done right, from tightening fireplace throat damper screws to properly handling sheet metal with sharp edges.


Our chimney dampers installation technicians will do more than just come to your home and install the damper; we will also teach you and your family how to use it safely.


We’re here to help with any problems with your chimney, whether these are performance or repair-related issues. We offer chimney inspection, repair, and cleaning services in New York. Contact us if you want a new chimney installed or a cleaning service


Why Should You Choose Us?

1) Safety Assurance

We inspect your chimney for any blockages or other potential problems at your request.

2) Comprehensive Services

Our services include chimney cleaning, chimney liner installation, masonry repair, crown repair, chimney dampers replacement, waterproofing, wood stove sales & installation.

3) Cleanliness & Advanced Technologies

We use up-to-date tools and technologies. Our CSIA-certified technicians keep your chimney dampers clean and operational.


Are you curious about the condition of your chimney dampers? Call the experts at Chimney King Enterprises INC. We can inspect your entire chimney system and tell you which part needs replacement or repair and what is fine!


We are proud to repair fireplace throat dampers. We install, repair, and maintain chimney dampers for our customers in New York. Call us now to learn more about our services.


Save Money With Energy-Efficient Dampers!

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