5 Questions to Consider When Hiring a Chimney Company

When the homeowners of Nassau and Suffolk County are in need of chimney cleaning, maintenance, or cleaning services, there’s only one company they call: Chimney King. Since 1982, they have been meeting the chimney care needs of Long Islanders. This full-service company attends to all chimney needs, and all work is completed by local firefighters. Find out for yourself why Chimney King is one of the most reputable chimney companies on Long Island.

A fireplace is a wonderful feature in a home. It offers ambiance and creates welcoming warmth on the coldest nights. While a fireplace can be an asset, it can quickly turn into a liability if the chimney isn’t cared for properly. Routine chimney cleanings and maintenance are vital. If the structure is dirty or damaged in any way, it becomes a fire hazard that can put you and your family in serious harm.

Whether your chimney needs to be swept, you suspect that it needs to be repaired, or you want to have it inspected to ensure the safety of your home and family, you need to hire a reputable chimney company. There are a lot of companies on Long Island, but not all of them are created equal. Many companies claim that they are reputable and offer the best services, but in reality, they offer subpar service. Don’t run the risk danger: make sure you do your due diligence.

Consider the following questions before you hire a chimney company.

Are They Certified?

A lot of chimney cleaning and repair companies tout that they offer premium services and great prices, but if they aren’t certified; but, if they aren’t certified, you should walk away. A reputable company will hold be certified. This certification ensures that they have completed the necessary education and training to complete cleaning and repair work. It also proves that they adhere to codes and follow the best practices.

Are They Fully Insured?

There’s a lot that can happen when a chimney is being cleaned or repaired. For instance, your property could be damaged or a worker could be injured. If the company isn’t insured and an issue does arise, you could be held liable for the damages or injuries, and could be facing huge expenses.

A reputable chimney service company will carry a minimum of liability and workers’ compensation coverage. Should your home be damaged as a result of poor workmanship or if an employee falls off the roof, the policies that the company hold will cover the cost of damage so that you don’t have to pay any unexpected out of pocket expenses.

Does the Company Offer a Full Range of Services?

The best chimney care professionals will offer a full list of services. Examples of the services they should provide include sweeping, repairs, replacements, new builds, and inspections.

Chimneys require a lot of care. During cleanings, for example, a company should also assess the structure to ensure that it is sound, and if any issues are spotted, they should be able to make the necessary repairs. It will be a lot easier (and much more cost-effective) if you employ a chimney company that can handle all aspects of chimney care.

Do They Have References?

A reputable chimney cleaning and repair company will be more than happy to provide a list of references. If the service you are thinking about employing is hesitant to supply references, or keeps saying that they get back to you with the names and contact numbers of past clients, it’s likely that they are blowing nothing but smoke.

How Much Experience does the Company Have?

While it’s true that a new company can be certified, fully insured, offer a full list of services, and have references to back up their work, there’s something to be said about experience. Professionals that provide chimney cleaning and repair work learn a lot on the job; more than they can learn by taking classes, reading textbooks, and completing a small handful of jobs.

Companies that have been around a while are more established, have developed their expertise, and have earned the respect and trust of the communities that they serve. Experience leads to expertise, so consider hiring a company has a long-standing history.

Chimney King: A Full-Service Chimney Care Company You Can Count On

For more than 35 years, Chimney King has been caring for the chimneys of Long Island homeowners. Offering a full range of services, including cleanings, inspections, repairs, maintenance, rebuilds, and new installations, they are a one-stop chimney care shop that you can count on to ensure the safety and security of your chimney, your home, and your family.