Chimney King: Making Chimneys Clean and Nassau County Homeowners Happy Since 1982

Chimney King has been the go-to source for Nassau County chimney repairs, maintenance, and cleanings since 1982. In the more than three decades we have been in business, our chimney care experts have helped to ensure the safety of North Bellmore, NY homeowners by offering top-quality services at fair prices. All work is performed by local firefighters who are extensively trained and highly experienced in all phases of chimney care, including cleanings.

Leading Causes of Dirty Chimneys

There are two main reasons why chimneys become dirty:

  1. Creosote buildup. Your chimney guides smoke, gases, tar, unburned particles of wood – the by-products of combustion – up and out of your home. As these by-products vacate your fireplace and travel up the chimney, which is relatively cooler than the firebox, condensation develops and turns those combustion by-products into a substance known as creosote. Creosote is a sticky substance that adheres to the interior of your chimney. Each time you burn a fire, more creosote collects, which can lead to a number of problems.
  1. Obstructions. If exterior elements make their way into your chimney, it can become obstructed. Dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, and even animals can enter through the top of your chimney (especially if the chimney cap is damaged or missing) and block the structure. Like creosote, obstructions in a chimney can lead to serious issues.

Protect Your Home with Routine Chimney Cleanings

Dirty chimneys can lead to serious problems, including:

  • Fires. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, nearly 23,000 chimney fires occur each year in the United States. A large percentage of those fires are the result of dirty chimneys. Creosote is highly combustible. Any obstructions that may be blocking the structure – leaves, branches, animal nests – can be flammable, too. If your chimney is dirty, each time you light a fire, there’s a chance that your chimney – and your entire house – could go up in flames.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning. Dirty chimneys do more than spark fires; they are also the source of countless cases of carbon monoxide poisoning each year, a condition that can lead to serious health problems and even death.
  • Smoke damage. If your chimney is dirty, instead of flowing out of your home, smoke will pour back into it. Smoke is highly corrosive and can damage the walls, flooring, and furnishings that surround your fireplace, which can result in costly repairs.

“ A Clean Chimney is a Happy Chimney”

Since dirty chimneys can cause such devastation, at Chimney King, we have a saying that we live by: “A Clean Chimney is a Happy Chimney”; and we truly stand behind it.

Our highly trained technicians will thoroughly clean your chimney, from top to bottom, removing all creosote and any obstructions – including animals and nests. We use the most advanced tools and proven strategies to deliver incredible results; in fact, when we’re finished, your chimney will be almost as clean as it was when it was first installed!

In addition to cleaning your chimney, our crew will also perform a complete inspection. We’ll look for any signs of damage, such as broken crowns, missing caps, damaged liners, and cracked masonry. If we notice any issues, we’ll let you know right away and recommend the most effective solutions. With your approval, we’ll make the necessary repairs – promptly, efficiently, and affordable.

While we’re cleaning your chimney, we’ll make sure your home is clean, too! Our crew goes to great lengths to prevent soot, ash, and other damaging debris from entering your home. When we’re done, we’ll make sure we clean up behind ourselves. After all, your house shouldn’t be subjected to a mess when your chimney is being cleaned! We’re confident that when you choose us for your chimney cleaning, maintenance, and repair needs, not only will your chimney be happy; you will be, too!

Why Should You Choose Chimney King as Your North Bellmore, NY Chimney Sweep?

There’s no shortage of companies that offer chimney cleaning services in North Bellmore; so, why should you choose us? The pros at Chimney King are completely dedicated to offering exceptional results. Our goal is to ensure your complete safety and total satisfaction. Our more than 30 years of experience and proven track record of success is a true testament to our commitment to excellence.

All of our services are performed by local firefighters who are all too familiar with the importance of fireplace cleanliness. Because we have seen, first-hand, the damage that a dirty chimney can cause, when we say we go above and beyond to ensure the structure is clean and in proper working order, we really mean it. Our technicians attend regular training programs to ensure they are current with the latest techniques and strategies, and we always use the most advanced tools and equipment to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Another reason to choose us? At Chimney King, we don’t think that you should have to pay high prices to get quality services. That’s why we charge the fairest prices around! We’ll provide you with a free estimate for any of our services. To help Nassau homeowners save even more money, we offer military and senior discounts, too!

We’re proud to be a part of the local community and are truly humbled that we have been entrusted to improve the safety of so many North Bellmore residents.

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